Friday, June 7, 2013

Teeny Tears!!

As promised here are a few pictures of the latest hat/bootie sets that have been sent out!!  First one was sent to a sweet baby girl named Ellie Rose (beautiful name) weighing in at 3lbs and 9 oz.

Just yesterday I sent out a set of teddy bear hats for twin boys weighing in at around 3 pounds each. How cute will they look!!!
They also got matching booties but I forgot to take a picture before I sent the package..oops!!
We are currently at 39 hats/bootie sets sent out to the NICU babies!!! Almost to 40!! I can't believe it!
I'm so proud to say that Sweet Savannah Knits is on the Teeny Tears website!!!!! Check out Teeny Tears and Savannah's article:

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