Monday, July 29, 2013

Savannah's Gift to Babies in Honduras!

A while back, after Sweet Savannah Knits was in the Chicago Tribune, I had received a very nice email from a lady who has a daughter who is a doctor in Honduras (did you all catch that haha?). Her daughter and her family were going to be in the States this summer and she asked if I would be willing to donate some hats that she could bring back with her. They are always looking for hats for the tiny babies and they like to send each baby home with a hat, onesie and blanket.  I loved the idea of making them some cozy hats and decided I'd purchases some goodies to go along with it!!! I do wish I could have finished more hats but I can always send more later = )  I included a 2 packs of 3 hats for boys and girls, 2 sets of 3 onesies for boys and girls and 2 sets of 4 receiving blankets for boys and girls!!! And of course 4 hand knitted hats!! I feel so blessed that my sweet Savannah can send over LOVE to other countries as well!!!
                                                      Here is Savannah's special gift!!!

Like always, I want to thank everyone who has donated to SSK!!!! I wouldn't be able to make donations like this without your generosity!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1st Knits For Our Baby BOY!!!

Hi all!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share a picture of my most recent set sent out to a very special baby boy from Florida.  He currently weighs a little over 5 pounds but at birth he was much smaller. He has come a long way and I know his Mommy is so proud of him!! Here is a picture of his gift (picture taken from his amazing Mommy when she received it in the mail):

I've been very anxious to get started knitting some special items for our little bundle of joy. I didn't want to start too early as I was nervous (for obvious reasons), plus I wanted to wait until we knew boy or girl. Well, since our anatomy scan went so great, and we know this little wiggler is a boy, I've decided its time to start knitting away!!  Another reason why I was so excited to start knitting for him is because I feel like it is another way to include Savannah in this pregnancy. I know she's always here and watching over but I only learned to knit because of her. I feel like everything I knit is a gift from Savannah, not me. This includes all the sets sent to the NICU babies and the items made for her baby brother.  It's just another way Savannah will be in the nursery and surrounded around her baby brother always!
  I have completed a pair of mitts to keep his little fingers warm. He is going to be a winter baby after all.  A December baby just like his Mommy = ) !!! Here are his little mitts:
The picture makes them look huge haha... But in real life they are super small!!
I ordered  a lot of yarn online last week as I plan on making a few blankets that will keep our little guy snuggly warm and that I can display in his nursery. Nothing makes a room more homey then some handmade pieces!!  Here is the start of his first blanket:
For some reason, when taking pictures of it, the tan color turns out looking darker then it really is.  The tan is really a very soft light tan color! Little boy's nursery will be a light blue and tan so this will match great. I can't wait to finish it!  If you haven't noticed I really like stripes ha!!!
The pattern I used for the mitts and  blanket are from a book called "Knit in a Day For Baby" by Candi Jensen.  I love love love every pattern in this book!!! I'm always drawn to a chunkier look and this book has many patterns that use bigger needles. For this blanket I'm using 6 weight super chunky yarn and size 11 needles!!!
I also bought baby yellow and a seagrass color yarn (its a green blueish color) so I'm excited to get going on those.  I'm not sure what blanket pattern I will do with those colors. Any suggestions??? They are also in  super chunky 6 weight.
I turned 20 weeks two days ago!! I'm half way there and it is so hard to believe. Our little man is always kicking and wiggling and I enjoy every moment of it. When I was pregnant with Savannah I rarely felt her move. Since that was my first pregnancy I just thought it was normal or that I had a very "chill" baby.  I'm assuming she did not move much because she was so sick.  So with this baby I am really enjoying every little punch, kick and flutter!
If anyone has any cute baby knitting patterns please send them my way!!! Not only for our little peanut but for the NICU babies as well. I always love trying new patterns!!
Take Care.... XOXO

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Savannah is going to have a......... Little BROTHER!!!!

We had our anatomy scan yesterday morning at 19 weeks exactly!!! Guess what????  We are having a cute wiggly little BOY!!! The ultrasound went great. Baby is measuring right on schedule and is looking perfectly healthy. Thank goodness!!! He was moving all around!! No wonder I feel this little peanut all the time = ).  We are thrilled!!! Here are a few ultrasound pictures!

Baby Boy's profile. He is looking down and head is to the left!
No denying that he is a HE!!! = )
Little hand! See the 4 fingers?
Last night we had our immediate family over for the big reveal! We decided to do a balloon launch so I made this box and we put BLUE balloons in it! It was so fun and exciting.  I want to give a big THANK YOU to our family for coming to our party, the cute gifts and for making the day special! And thank you to our beautiful angel Savannah for always looking over here little brother. I felt you with us all day yesterday and always!
My "almost" 19 week baby bump
Since I last wrote I have sent out one hat and am currently working on a set! The little hat was sent to a beautiful baby girl who was born with Trisomy 18. She is home with her family and I hope she and her mommy and daddy loved their gift.   Currently I'm working on a teddy bear hat set for a 5 pound cutie who has been in the NICU awhile. I can't wait to get it finished and sent off to it's new home!  I want all the Babies, Moms and Dads, that I've sent gifts to, to know that I'm always thinking of you all!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Triplet Girls!

Hi everyone!!!  This will be a quick blog but I wanted to share these adorable teddy bear hats!  These hats went to TRIPLET girls weighing from 2.8 to 3.12 pounds. How blessed their family is!  I decided another great gift to send along with my knits is a baby book that the parents can read to their babies in the NICU and when they come home.  I think this book is just perfect!  I hope the triplets and their parents love their gift!

Update on Baby D2:   I will be 17 weeks tomorrow!!! We had a doctors appointment last Tuesday (a week ago from tomorrow) and we heard the baby's heartbeat with the doppler. Music to my ears!!! LOVE. New developments is that I've been feeling little bitty kicks for the past two weeks. They are not very strong, of course, as baby is only about 5 inches long but it's definitely the little peanut moving around in there.  I love that feeling. Keep on kicking me little one!!!   2 weeks from tomorrow that we find out baby's gender! Any guesses???