Monday, July 29, 2013

Savannah's Gift to Babies in Honduras!

A while back, after Sweet Savannah Knits was in the Chicago Tribune, I had received a very nice email from a lady who has a daughter who is a doctor in Honduras (did you all catch that haha?). Her daughter and her family were going to be in the States this summer and she asked if I would be willing to donate some hats that she could bring back with her. They are always looking for hats for the tiny babies and they like to send each baby home with a hat, onesie and blanket.  I loved the idea of making them some cozy hats and decided I'd purchases some goodies to go along with it!!! I do wish I could have finished more hats but I can always send more later = )  I included a 2 packs of 3 hats for boys and girls, 2 sets of 3 onesies for boys and girls and 2 sets of 4 receiving blankets for boys and girls!!! And of course 4 hand knitted hats!! I feel so blessed that my sweet Savannah can send over LOVE to other countries as well!!!
                                                      Here is Savannah's special gift!!!

Like always, I want to thank everyone who has donated to SSK!!!! I wouldn't be able to make donations like this without your generosity!!

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