Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweet Savannah Knits Makes a Donation!

Last year around this time I was a busy bee knitting up Christmas hats to donate to the Preemie Project ( The Preemie Project collects and donates hats/booties/blankets and all kinds of things to NICU's in the Iowa area.  I loved loved loved doing this donation because the hats and booties turned out so cute and I just know they brought smiles to the parents that have babies in the NICU during the holidays.  As much as I would love to make such a large donation again this year, I just won't have the time to complete so many with our own little bundle coming in just 3 weeks (or if he's ready, possibly sooner).  I decided that I wanted to be sure Sweet Savannah Knits contributed and helped this holiday season so we did just make a 50 dollar donation to the "Black Friday" donation fund to the Preemie Project!!!! Every year on Black Friday they go out to the fabric stores and purchase tons and tons of supplies at extremely cheap prices. These materials are used to make blankets, sleepers, hats, you name it, all year for the tiny babies. They have workshops during the year to sew!! I was so proud to give some of SSK's money to them with all that they do!!! Check out their website for more info on them!  Even with this donation I do hope I can at least send a couple Christmas hats/booties their way this year!!

We received a teddy bear hat request for a little boy born at 34 weeks weighing in at 6 pounds yesterday!! He is a great weight but still needs breathing assistance. I started his little hat this morning and will show pictures when it's finished!
We are getting close for baby D2's arrival!!! Official c section date is December 3rd. Three weeks away from tomorrow!!!  Tomorrow is my first weekly doctors visit and I'll start getting NST every week. Just to make sure his heart rate sounds good and he's not in any kind of distress in there.
Last weekend we had our 2nd baby shower!! We are ALL set for baby that is for sure! The past week I've been a crazy nester putting everything away and going back and forth to Buy Buy Baby making sure we have everything we need for his home coming!! Here are some pictures from our absolutely beautiful shower. Thank you to my Mom and big Sis for such a wonderful day!!!
Yummy cup cake cake
Adorable center pieces with bottles and tons of much needed diapers!

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