Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi there and welcome to my blog! I decided to start a blog to show case my new projects and to write about my sweet little girl, Savannah Rae.  If you have not already done so please check out Sweet Savannah Knits website to read my story and Savannah's story. You can also see my other knits and my free hats for preemies program! Since the death of my daughter I decided to stop working and stay home to fully heal. In doing so I discovered knitting! Knitting has become a way that I can help babies like Savannah, spread her story and, of course, keep me busy. It has helped me heal tremendously.  I knit in memory of Savannah and anyone who receives any of my items have "Been Touched By An Angel."
So what is going on currently you ask?? Well yesterday I received my Sweet Savannah Knits cards. This is now the official logo and I'm happy to have a way to start spreading the word on my site. I love how they turned out!

I have also been very busy knitting away for all of my friend's babies that are coming soon. I feel like everyone is expecting a baby. Which is good for me because I now have lots of babies to knit cute things for.  I feel blessed to be able to knit for them and then one day it will be time to knit for my own bundle of joy.  In the mean time I hope my friends are OK with receiving lots of cute stuff!   For the last couple days I have been making a baby girl blanket.
Another project I have been working on are some cute items for my friend Anna's baby shower in February. She is also having a little girl so I have had been having a ton of fun with girly colors! I can't wait to give them to her. One recent completion is this little hat with a bow.
Another purpose of this blog is to write about how Savannah keeps touching me very day.  Back in August Scott and I released 6 balloons in honor of Savannah's 6 month birthday. On each balloon we attached a letter stating whoever finds this balloon has been touched by an angel. We also included our email address so they can send us a message. Well a couple weeks ago we received this message from a family in Missouri!! We could not believe it as we never thought anyone would actually find one.  I feel so happy that a family so far away, one we will probably never meet, now knows about our daughter.  She has blessed their family!  For the past couple weeks Scott and I have been emailing back and forth with them. Their kind words are so comforting and I'm so happy Savannah's balloon found them!  Savannah is absolutely amazing.
Well thanks again for stopping by. I'll keep updating and I hope you keep reading!  xoxo

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