Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hop Hop Hop

Is it spring yet??? OK, so we are nowhere near spring or Easter but I've  already caught spring fever! Not only am I ready for warm weather (winter can end after the holidays as far as I'm concerned) but the preemies will need Easter hats in March. The Preemie Project  ( does an Easter/Spring donation so I've already started on my hats. To much time on my hands you ask? Maybe or I'm just super excited to work with pastel colors (love soft pastel colors). I also love bunnies!  It just brings me so much joy to knit up these cute little hats and imagine how cute the babies will look.  I also dream about how cute Savannah would look in them. Oh how I wish I could make things for her. I miss her so much.   Here is the start of my spring preemie hats! You can find the patters to these hats at . She has many cute preemie patterns.  

I've also been practicing on the new sewing machine and I think I'm getting a little better. Here is my most recent tiny diapers. I think they look much better then the one in my previous post. I actually followed the pattern on these and I'm pretty pleased with myself! Whatcha think??  I had Teeny Tears email me the little cards that you put with the diapers when you donate them. Can't wait to make tons! If you know how to sew and want to use it for good please check out Teeny Tears! You can find their button to the right of my blog. 
I just started reading the book Knocked up, Knocked down and I really like it.
The author of this book spoke at a Walk To Remember I went to back in October. Her speech was amazing and I could relate to so much of what she said. It was great to hear that a lot of my thoughts and feelings after losing Savannah are normal and others have felt that way too which is very comforting for someone going through the loss of a baby. What I've definitely learned in the past, almost, year is that I am not alone in this.  If you have lost a baby I would recommend reading this book!  Speaking of (past, ALMOST, year) it's hard to believe Savannah's 1st birthday is coming up. It's only a little over a month away.  This past year has gone by soooo fast but at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago that she was born. So much has happened  and I've gone through so many different emotions. I feel that I have come a long way since last year but it's definitely still hard at times.
Well that's it for today. I hope you are all doing well! XOXO



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