Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lots of Breaking News!


So today is an exciting day as my website,, is now LIVE! I finally launched it so people can view it, not just me haha.  So please check it out and let me know what you think. I'll still be adding more knitting things as I go and you can follow along on here, my blog, as I learn to knit different things. I'm hopefully going to try a baby sweater soon. Stay tuned!

Another breaking news over in the Dussman household is that I bought my very own, teeny tiny sewing machine! For all that know me well probably never thought the day would come that a sewing machine would be great excitement for me.  But its only great excitement because I'm going to be making THESE with it:

This is a teeny tiny itsy bitsy diaper for babies of 18 to 25 weeks gestation. There is this wonderful organization called Teeny Tears ( and they make these cute little diapers and donate them to the hospitals.  How cute would Savannah have looked in one of these??? Just adorable! Of course this one is a little messy and not very good because I'm still learning how to sew.  But thanks to my wonderful Grandma she is helping me along and before I know it I will be a professional (just like her!)l! It may be awhile before I'm able to make anything I'll actually give to the hospital but I'm working on it.  Anything and everything for the tiny babies!
And here is my teeny tiny sewing machine:
On the knitting front I am still working on the pink and white striped blanket shown in the previous post. Don't get all worried now I'll be sure to post a picture when its done = ) . I also completed a cute little white hat with a pink flower for my friend Anna's baby shower!
A couple days ago I was over at my Grandma's house, to learn how to sew, and she gave me the cutest little picture book:
My Grandma's cousin wrote this book in memory of her granddaughter that passed away at the age of 2 1/2 years and sent a copy to my grandma.  My Grandma thought I would like to have it and gave it to me.  This book is amazing!  It really touched my heart. It's about a little angel that God sends to Earth (the little baby with cancer- an angel in disguise) to teach the chosen ones to bring comfort to children and their parents.
I truly believe that my Savannah was an angel in disguise too. That she was sent from God to me to show me the way, and how I can help other babies. I know I can never cure a disease or save the world but even simple things can make a difference. Putting smiles on the Mom's and Dad's faces when they see their baby looking all cute with hats and booties is huge. Not to mention keeping those little heads and toes warm!!  With out Savannah, I would have never been shown that I can help babies and their families.  How blessed am I for God to have chosen the most beautiful "angel in disguise" to be sent to me??  Beautiful book!
And lastly, on the breaking news list, is that The Preemie Project ( is now talking on their website about their Spring/Easter hat and booties donation!!! Yaaa! I can't wait to get knitting little bunny hats and tons of pastel colored hats and booties!  The Christmas donation this year was so fun for me.  I donated 8 hat and bootie sets and one of them actually got posted on the preemie project facebook page. There she was, a little preemie, with her double pom pom, red and white striped hat that I made in memory of Savannah! Oh how cute she looked!  Her mommy and daddy will cherish those pictures forever and I had a little part in it. I just love it!
Well that wraps it up for the breaking news over here! Write you later!

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  1. Great job! You are doing great and I'm proud of you. Love -Scott