Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Diapers Donation!

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I last wrote a blog but I've been busy busy busy!! I have sent out many hat and bootie sets. So I'm excited about that. I have about a million pictures to share with you!

Hats for twin boys who are about 3.5 pounds!
Gift for a baby boy who was born with CDH
Baby Bear hat!! I made two sets for twin girls!
Bunny set and teddy bear for a baby girl born with a heart defect in LA!
Little polar bear set for a baby boy weighing about 4 pounds in NY
I hope all these special gifts made the babies' parents smile!!
I also finally finished enough Teeny Tear Diapers to make a donation. I plan to give them to Edward Hospital tonight at the SHARE group. I was able to complete 16 sets of diapers so that is 32 diapers total!! I decided that instead of waiting to make a large donation that I would just give small amounts multiple times.  Check out Teeny Tears at www.teenytears.blogspot.com.  Here they are:
I want to give a big thanks to Sue Peltzer for all the yarn she has given me!! It has helped so much! Sweet Savannah Knits is all set for yarn for a long time = )  Thank you again to all that have donated in the past weeks! You are all so appreciated! Also I want give a big thank you to all the parents who share pictures of their little ones wearing their hats I send them. Just seeing these precious pictures makes this all worth it and makes me so happy. All your babies are so cute. = )
Oh and another thank you (I'm just full of them!) to a Mommy of twin boys in Seattle, WA for sending me pictures of your cuties in their Easter bunny hats. This Mommy also gave the nurses, who run the NICU support group at this Seattle hospital, my SSK card in hopes that more parents will request hats for their babies! Way to spread the word!!
I hope everyone has a great Easter!!

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  1. Thank you so much for our bear hats----they fit perfect!!! I will try to get a picture for you soon :)!!!