Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting

Hi everyone!  Well all my "firsts" are almost done.  When I say firsts I'm talking about since Savannah passed away. They always say that the "firsts" are always the worst and then it will start to get easier after that.  The last one we have to get through is tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day, exactly a year ago, that we buried our baby girl. It was an extremely hard day, however, I remember feeling a tiny itsy bitsy bit better after she was buried. I only say this because she was out of the M word and I knew exactly where she was and I could go to her. I could go sit very close to her. The couple days after we left the hospital, before she was buried,  was excruciating because there was nowhere I could go and I didn't know exactly where she was.  It was such an awful feeling.  It's weird to think that exactly a year ago, on March 6, the weather outside was beautiful. Savannah gave us a warm sunny day for her funeral. VERY different from the weather we are having today, that is for sure.

The past few days I've gotten 4 more hat/bootie sets out in the mail!!! One being for a set of twin girls from OR. They are between 3.5 and 4 pounds! Here are their little sets:

Another set that was sent out went to a 2 pound 14 ounce baby boy in NH. I just love the teddy bear hats!
And the 4th set went to a beautiful little 6 1/2 pound baby girl in FL. This little fighter had to go through surgery. Please say a little prayer for her!  I sent her Mommy and Daddy a bunny hat set!
It's so hard to believe that I will need to get my Easter/Spring hat donation for The Preemie Project in the mail next week. They want them by March 15th so they have time to get them to the hospitals by Easter. With all my orders through my website I have not had much time to  make as many hats as I had planned but that is OK.  I'm still helping make those little heads and toes warm.  I have now sent out 19 sets! Yippee!!!!
Here is another picture of my Easter donation in progress. I've posted a few already but I just really liked this picture:
I hope everyone is staying save in the snow and having fun!! I know me, Scott and Dakota had a ball. Dakota absolutely LOVES the snow. She is pure entertainment.

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