Monday, August 12, 2013

A BIG Thank You To....

I want to start this blog off thanking a few people who have made such generous donations to Sweet Savannah Knits!! I would first like to thank Annabelle and Brian for their donation!! They are getting married soon and decided that they wanted to donate to SSK in lieu of giving out party favors to their guests. Such a meaningful thing to do and it will help more then they even know.  Thank you sooo very much for helping me to send these gifts to the beautiful NICU babies and their parents. Your sweet boys are so proud of you!

I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to Nick Barts!!! Nick decided to start a little fund raiser in order to raise money for SSK.  He was growing his beard for the Black Hawks play offs a little while ago and people started betting to see how long he would grow it. They said they will give him money to donate to his favorite project. He chose us!!!! Thank you Nick for doing this. Your efforts and donation will make an ENORMOUS difference!!!

And lastly but certainly not least, I want to thank everyone else who has made a contribution to SSK in any way!!! I wouldn't be able to make the donations I do without all your support!

As most of you know, Scott and I are on the marketing team for the SHARE Walk To Remember that will be in October.  The months prior to the walk the coordinators have a few bake sales in order to raise money for the walk and help support the SHARE organization.  A couple weeks ago was the 2nd bake sale and I want to give a BIG thank you to Sue Peltzer for all her donated baked goods!!!! She owns a bake shop called Delicious Creations ( and she is amazing. BEST banana bread EVER. She makes wonderful and beautiful cakes too. Thanks Sue!!!

Last week I sent out a cute little set to a baby girl from Oklahoma. She currently weighs around 4.5 pounds and is in the NICU. She is expected to receive her gift sometime today!  Here is a pic! I hope it keeps her snuggly warm!

And an update on baby boy D2!!! I will be 23 weeks tomorrow. Baby is doing great and is kicking like a wild one in their. His little punches and kicks keep getting harder and harder. I'm able to feel them on the outside with my hand now and you can even see my stomach bounce around when he moves. I love every second of it and am soaking it all in. We had a doctors appointment last week and his heartbeat sounded very strong and great.  Our next appointment will be In 2 weeks and I'll be getting the glucose test done. Then we get another ultrasound at 28 weeks. Our doc plans to do two extra ultrasounds only because of what happened with Savannah. He's just keeping a close eye on things so he wants to check the baby's growth two more times. I'm not complaining that's for sure! I love ultrasounds and count the days until we get our next one!!! Keep on growing little guy!!!!

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