Thursday, September 12, 2013

50 Gifts Sent out!!!!! And.... 27 weeks!

I just got back from the post office mailing Sweet Savannah Knit's 50th gift!!! I can not believe that I have sent out 50 packages to the beautiful babies. It has been so wonderful being able to do something nice for the babies and their parents and I look forward to the next 50!!! As always thank you who have helped me to make this happen!! Here is gift # 50! This hat, along with a teddy bear and book, was sent to a baby girl weighing in at 3lbs 3oz and was born at 28 weeks. I hope the hat brings comfort to baby girl and her parents, the teddy bear brings cheer/warmth to the NICU room and the book helps provide lasting memories between baby and her parents!!!!

On the Baby D2 front I am currently 27 weeks pregnant!!! We had our 27 week ultrasound on Tuesday and it went great. I could not be more happy or relieved. Our doctor did a thorough check on the little guy, his organs, cord, fluid and he weighs 2lbs 5oz already.  I was extremely nervous going into this ultrasound but left on top of the world. I thank God everyday for giving me this blessing.  Other then my belly getting bigger and little guy moving all around there is nothing really new.  I spend a good portion of my days with my shirt lifted up watching my belly move all over the place. It's pretty amazing!  Here is my 27 week belly shot and little man's ultrasound picture!
We are still busy busy busy working on the nursery! We have painted, installed new carpet and now getting ready to put the crib together. Putting the crib together is a HUGE step for me and I'm so excited to finally be in a place where I can be excited for this.  Here is our progress:
Built in closet built by Scottie himself!
Aqua painted walls!
New carpet!
Nursery chandelier!! This was the very first nursery item we purchase and installed for Savannah so I wanted to keep it in baby boy's nursery as well. After taking this picture I later noticed the pink circle. There is my sweet Savannah already watching over her baby brother. I LOVE YOU!!!
We also painted an "S" in a special place in the nursery with the original paint color (color we had chose for Savannah). We want to make sure we keep special things in there for her!!!
So, we still have things to do in the nursery to finish but we are getting there. I've already bought curtains, wall hangings and wooden block letters but we can't put any of that up until the crib is built (which we are doing on Sunday). I'm in crazy nesting mode, its ridiculous!!
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