Wednesday, February 13, 2013

March for Babies

Hello there!!  Yesterday while I was sitting at work with Scott I decided to browse around on the March of Dimes website.  As I was browsing around I noticed that the March for Babies is going to be on April 28th at the River Walk in Naperville!! I immediately registered and started our team.  Team Sweet Savannah Rae!!!! You can join our team or donate by going to . March of Dimes is an incredible foundation that was started 75 years ago!  They are truly amazing all the work and research they have done.  I am now so passionate about them because they focus a lot on premature birth and birth defects. Both of which Savannah had.  Also, my big, tall, handsome hubby was a preemie himself weighing only around 3 pounds when he was born!! I'm sure all the research March of Dimes has done has played a part in Scott being so healthy today!  Check out this video for some background info on the March of Dimes:

I received another preemie hat request on Monday!! This baby girl was born in December weighing in a 1 pound and 11 ounces. She currently weighs 3 pounds and 1 ounce!!! Way to go little cutie! Such a fighter! I sent her one of the pink and white stripe double pom pom hats with pink booties. = )
I also added an EASTER hat option to my website for the preemies!! I decided that a few holidays a year I would offer a special hat.  I made these super cute soft baby bunny hats. I just love them!   Everyone please spread the word on my website whether it be through facebook, twitter or just telling people about it!! Thanks!!
Hop Hop Hop!!!

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