Friday, February 22, 2013

Beautiful Preemie Twins In Their Hats/Booties!!

This past week has been great for Sweet Savannah Knits! I completed and mailed out 3 preemie hat orders!! The first one was for the twin boys that I wrote about in my last post- their Mommy received them yesterday! The second one was for a cute little boy weighing about 2 pounds. I sent him a little brown bear hat!  And the third one was for a precious little girl Lily who was born weighing less then a pound and is now over 7 pounds! Amazing.  Since going public with my website I have received 9 preemie hat and bootie requests!! Two of which were sets of twins so that is 11 tiny babies who will have warm heads and toes!!   This week coming up I will have 3 more sets mailed out!!  Here is a bunny set ready to be mailed out:

I'm so excited because I got to see two beautiful twin girls wearing their hats and booties!! Their Mommy made a facebook page for them to keep everyone posted and so everyone can pray for them. She posts the most adorable pictures of them. They are just so cute and so perfect. Everyone please say a prayer for them!! Here is a picture of these tiny miracles wearing their Sweet Savannah Knits hats and booties. They are still a little big but they will grow into them  = )  I hope these brought a smile to their parents faces and reminds them that others are thinking about them!

 I AGAIN want to thank EVERYONE who has donated and helped with Sweet Savannah Knits! Like I've said before I was not sure where it would go but I've gotten so many requests and people have been sharing my page. I'm thrilled to know that Savannah is touching so many lives.  I love and miss you so much sweet girl. There isn't a moment that I don't think about you...
The big excitement in the Dussman household is that our new couches came on Tuesday!!! Yes, many of you are saying finally because it feels like forever that we ordered them. Well they are finally here and we love them! Whatcha think??
Of course Dakota had to be in the picture = )


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