Monday, February 25, 2013

Savannah's First Birthday Party!

We had Savannah's first birthday party yesterday!
 Even though her actual birthday is not until Wednesday I wanted to get our immediate family over to celebrate with us! Although Savannah is in Heaven I still love doing things for her that we would have been doing if she were here with us.  She deserves a first birthday party too.  Happy birthday my sweet girl. I love you!
Savannah's Memorial Table
Pretty cupcakes for my pretty girl
We also had a balloon launch!  12 balloons this time- one for each month!  Just like at 6 months I put one of my Sweet Savannah Knits cards and wrote a message on each balloon in hopes someone would find one and contact us.  Wellllll someone did!!! I received an email last night from a lady who found one of the balloons floating in her front yard. Savannah has touched another person! This family lives near the Indiana/Ohio border so that balloon traveled far and fast.  The amazing part of this is that the lady who found the balloon's name is Faith and her daughter's name is Eaven (Heaven spelled without the H). Amazing! I truly believe that Savannah carefully picks who she drops her balloons to. Not only has she touched this family but she has given me a message. To have FAITH and that she is in HEAVEN! Thank you Savannah! You make your mommy so happy and help so much with my grieving.    Thank you Faith for sending me a message. I hope my girl brings good to you and your family!
~I hope you had fun with your birthday balloons Savannah~
Such a loved baby girl
 I was very saddened on Saturday as I received the sad news that one of the beautiful baby boys that I sent a hat/bootie set to has grown his angel wings. After I received the email I had to take a few minutes to grieve for him. I feel so heart broken for his parents and family because I remember so well how much the raw pain hurts. I still, of course, am grieving over Savannah but the pain is not as bad as it was.  I pray this family can find peace.  I know it sounds silly but for some reason I feel like with sending the parents of the NICU babies a gift I'm protecting these babies.  This was a reminder to me that I can not save the tiny babies just like I could not save Savannah. It is all in God's hands. My heart is heavy for them and I hope they know  that so many people are thinking and praying for them.
Today I completed a little pink and white pom hat for a 2lbs 13oz baby girl from California!!! They were shipped today so she should expect to see them on Wednesday!


  1. Happy birthday to Sweet Savannah! You and Scott and Savannah are in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*